Co-Production Week

Last month we participated in SCIE’s co-production week 2017.

What is co-production?

Co-Production in health and social care is professionals working in partnership with the people who use their service and their carers/family. It is the principle that everyone views are equal and that everyone needs to work together to get systems in place that work for everyone.

There are 4 principles to co-production:

1. Equality – everyone has something to give and nobody is more important than anyone else.

2. Diversity – services should make sure everyone can take part in co-production.

3. Access – there shouldn’t be anything that makes it difficult for any group of people to take part in co-production.

4. Reciprocity – this means everyone getting something for what they do in co-production. Sometimes they get money. Sometimes they get something for free. It is also about making friends and feeling good about helping people.

At New Key we strive to co-produce in our work and to make a service that works for the people who use our service and their carers.

Scie have made an easy read guide for further information on co-production click below.

What did we do for Co-Production week?

A Radio Show

As part of this the radio production learners decided to dedicate a show to discussing Co-Production and talking about their experiences of it. You can find a link to this show here:

A Co Production Training Session

We also co-produced a training session on co-production with Lisa Ponting one of our learners at The Key. The training looked at how co-production can work on different levels, from strategic levels like within local councils to individual levels with community groups and organisations. As part of the training we made a co-production plan for The Key and New Key, a result of this means that we will be having a review of our service with staff, the people who attend The Key and are supported by New Key. Everyone will have a chance to put their input into how they would like the organisation to work and we will be able to celebrate the strengths and successes we have. It was decided that we would do this in the form of a BBQ, forum and party at The Park.

A Film about Co-Production

We have begun working on working a film about co-production in Bristol, the film is being made in a bid to showcase good examples of co-production and what a difference it can make to an organisation and people’s lives. The film is being made by us and the learners who use our service.  We will continue to work on this film over the next year with the aim to finish it in time for next year’s co-production week.

As part of co-production week SCIE’s encouraged people to make co-production week.

See the co-production commitments we made as an organisation:


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