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What is the programme about?

We will have a weekly sports club playing games and sports decided by you and other course participants. We will look at how to look after our bodies.

What will I achieve?

  • Spend time with others working as a team
  • Become fitter and healthier
  • Learn about health
  • Record progress using a development plan

What will we cover?

  • Football, basketball, tennis, badminton and lots more sports and games.
  • Health and fitness.

How will I be taught?

Jacob and Robin have been running a successful sports club for the past eighteen months. The people we support decide on which sports we will play. Playing sports is a great way to get in shape, get outside and learn about your physical health. We will have equipment to play many sports and people are able to participate in whichever ways they are able to. In the winter we shall run the programme in a local sports centre.

Are there any other costs? Is there anything I need to bring?


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