Having worked with adults and families in transition, we understand how overwhelming and challenging it can be. New responsibilities come when going through change whether it be moving home, finishing school/college or becoming more independent. We believe this period can be an exciting with the right support and advice.

We offer a programme which helps adults to come through these transitions at a pace which suits them and their understanding.  We are passionate about preventing loneliness and encourage individuals to continue engaging with their natural support, as well as building and maintaining new relationships. We use an outcome based approach to build on the skills required in the steps towards independence.

 The programme includes:

Relationships – keeping in contact with and making new relationships whether this be professional, friendships, or love. .


Wellbeing – Learn about your health. Have meaningful activity that makes you feel good and satisfied.  This includes choices of topical programmes like Drama and Film, Radio Production and Sport.


Money Skills – Understanding budgeting, money value and bills.


Cooking – Gain cooking skills and have a healthy lifestyle.


What is Support? – Learn about why we have support and what it is for. support

Managing your home – Being able to manage your home.


Safety – Understanding your own safety in and outside of your home.


Support Network – Supporting families and carers to understand transition. team

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